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Bringing Fresh Food from Concept to Shelf Edge

Bringing Fresh Food from Concept to Shelf Edge

True Food Innovations is an experienced enabler giving industry and retailers the ability to feed consumer demand for all natural clean fresh food. True Food Innovations has a team of experts in R&D, Food Science, Quality Management and logistics, who develop and deliver all natural fresh foods utilizing innovative High Pressure Processing technology to extend shelf life by up to 10x normal expectations and at the same time increase food safety. True Food Innovations provides a turnkey solution of product development, manufacturing solutions, HPP packaging solutions and logistics, enabling the retail community to ship and sell fresh and natural food nationally and at the same time improve shrink and ensure food safety.

We manage state of the art R&D facilities and contract manufacturing, within close proximity to High Pressure Processing at TRUE FRESH HPP®, available immediately we have the ability to supply private label and retail solutions in baby food, entrée meals, value-added protein, and pizza, value added meat and seafood and cold pressed juice.

TRUE FRESH HPP® and TRUE FOOD INNOVATIONS was founded by Alan True a successful visionary entrepreneur and is led by Robert Jones a leading food industry executive, headquartered in Southern California. With three of the most cost efficient, high capacity HPP machines available, TRUE FRESH HPP® now has the single largest concentration of HPP tolling services under one roof in Northern America. High Pressure Processing is a non-thermal, cold processing technique in which the food in its flexible packing is subjected to high levels of hydrostatic pressure inactivating microorganisms, extending the shelf life and guaranteeing the food safety of the product. Ideally located in Southern California, the facility is in close proximity to Los Angeles shipping ports, Vernon’s co-packer district and the Inland Empire, near the intersection of all major trucking routes to the Pacific Mid-West.  TRUE FRESH HPP® California is USDA, FDA, Organic certified & BRC accredited.

Partner with True Food Innovations to find food and beverage solutions for you to introduce first to market, private label and retail ready HPP products nationwide.


Kevin Jones

SVP Innovation and Business Development

True Food Innovations


For more information visit www.TrueFoodInnovations.com