True Food Innovations

At True Food Innovations, we develop, commercialize, and sell food products for multiple channels.

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HPP is an all-natural FDA and USDA approved cold pasteurization process that helps food and beverage manufacturers ensure food safety and stability without the use of preservatives or heat.

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Extended Shelf Life

Our HPP technology offers food products an extended shelf life of up to 10X normal ranges.

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We provide turnkey product development, HPP packaging solutions, manufacturing services, and customer partnerships to introduce first to market, private label, and retail ready HPP products nationwide.

High Pressure Processing

We take advantage of HPP technology to provide clean, all natural products with longer shelf life, enhanced safety, and greater nutritional value” to “We utilize HPP technology to create fresh, clean-label, all natural, refrigerated products that carry a longer shelf life without the use of preservatives or heat.